With current restrictions not everyone can afford to travel. With the covid restrictions and quarantine periods in different countries, travelling has become a luxury of the past. Flights, hotels and local adventures may not be as readily available or asessible to many.

Ya, we used to love to travel and this gives us the golden opportunities to share our learnings and discoveries of what is good and what were the best to avoid when you travel for holidays, business or even for a longer stay in another state or country.

Today, many of us only travel when it is realy neccessary, as the travel restrictions have become tighter. In time to come, this will change, but for now, let us enjoy the past memories and travel clips from others.

Enjoy your personal time at home while soaking in, the fun travels activities that we can enjoy in the near future.

Check out some of the local activities and adventures on travels around the globe that are still available to date.

Learn about the experience of a Marketing Intern in Jakarta Selatan 2019.

Why do many of us love to travel?

Other than the luxury of enjoying holidays in another country or state, sipping in the beauty of new places, we, very much enjoy the local food in places we have travelled to.