The way in which two or more people are related or connected. How is your relationship? Are you searching too hard for the right person? How about being the right person first?

First of all, how is your relationship between your body, mind and soul? Are they all in synch, are you working towards the same goal? If you want to be happy and healthy, you have to take good care of your body, mind and soul. No, this is not cringe, goosebumps, it is a real fact that many have ignored.

Stay Happy and Healthy with Your Body, Mind and Soul.

Now, let us discuss about the relationship between you and others. Are you seeking for Mr/Ms Right? What are your criterias? Why?

Are You Single?

Are You Married?

Are You Happy?

Regardless of your marital status, the most essential question you should start asking yourself is HOW ARE YOU? Are you happy? Are you happily single or are you happily married or attached? If yes, good. But, if no, why? Should we look at how to transform your status or your state of mind?