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Shopping Online

Retail therapy shopping has never been easier and fun than now.  With so many retailers and shops going online today, our shopping options have also skyrocketed.

Personally, I enjoy shopping online, as I get to enjoy the luxury of taking my time to ponder and browse through the tens and tens of selections of products available online.

Shopping for jewelries worth tens of thousands of dollars or even toys or household products that costs few dollars or cents are enjoyable and fun when you are not rushed for time or being stared upon by promoters. 

Infact, online shopping has been so fun that I sometimes find it irritated when I go shopping in malls and are met by overbearing overselling promoters.  You know, the one who talk non stop trying to sell their products to you, not wanting to know what you really like.  The ones that push the products that give them the highest commission.

That is why, I will definitely opt for online shopping instead of going to the malls or boutiques to shop these days.  Moreover, most of the stuff you can find on both online and offline, are usually much more less expensive online.

Shopee provides me with ranges of products from household products, decorative, jewelries, gifts, toys and many more.  The best deals on shopee is that if the products you purchased is not up to your expectation or is flawed, you can return them for free.

Wish is also another place with some interesting items that I have purchased.  Not all of the products are of good quality though, as they are not as stringent with their sellers compared to other platforms.  Hence, there are some sellers that sell sub-standard products.  Some of the products you receive may not be the same one in the listings.  That is why it is always good to read the product reviews from past purchasers, whenever purchasing online products, especially from Wish.

Wish allow you to return the products if they are not up to the standard listed, however you would have to pay for the shipping fee, which is not worth the effort, as it may be more expensive than the products you pay for sometimes.

And of course, if you are buying products from US or digital books, you may also want to check out the extensive lists in Amazon.  Sure, Amazon have a full range of products, but shipping may sometimes be expensive.  You may have to pay shipment fee from USA though some of the products are in fact, coming from China.  Then again, do read their product reviews before buying.

Kindle Best

And if you are an avid reader, Amazon is the place to get all your kindle and ebooks.