SEO Ranking Guide

SEO Ranking Guide 2018 is a summary of steps and methods that you can learn and apply to your online marketing plans and activities.

SEO Visuals – Pictures and Videos

Go Visual!  Most people can relate to visuals like pictures and videos more easily and faster than reading!  So pump in more pictures and videos into your online marketing activities in 2018.

Explore Galleries of Pictures and Use Youtube Videos to help you with your SEO Ranking.

SEO Ranking
SEO Ranking Guide

SEO YouTube ranking is easy and effective.  Videos capture customers attention faster, longer and better.  Good video marketing increases customers conversion!

Embedding your youtube videos onto your articles or posts will also help increase your SEO Ranking and increase your customers reach.

SEO Content

Interesting Content is key to good SEO Ranking regardless of time and place.  It is important for you to pump in updated and interesting content on a regular basis for your customers and also search engine.  SEO Content is about using the right sexy amount of keywords and words into your written article, posts or pages.  250 words and above has been set as one of the ideal while 400 words and above are highly recommended.  Focusing on just one or two keywords in each article is suggested for good SEO habit!

Discover how to write your own SEO Content for every one of your marketing articles and posts.

SEO Links

This is the critical portion of search engine optimization.  It is an online endorsements of the other sites and media when other relevant websites or marketing platforms have links from their sites to yours.  Of course, you can also pump in your own links by sharing your url links on social media platforms, press releases, article sites and many more.

Offer to Convert Your Customers

Always remember to consider the most critical element in all your marketing media, and that is of course your message and offer conversion.

SEO is simple!  Simply understand the basics of SEO to start ranking your own websites and marketing media.  Here, you would learn that SEO is indeed Simple Effective Optimization when you know the basics of what are required for your SEO Ranking!  To learn more on SEO Ranking, simply sign up with us!