Hair Care

Hair care is not just about the right hair style or hair colour that we choose.

Recently, I had issue with my scalp. The hair scalp issue spread like wild fire, causing me to suffer from hair dandruff issue, which i never experienced before. The itchiness, especially at night, made me scratch like an angry monkey, and the flakes are no jokes. It pained me to see, many strands of my beautiful hair came off with the dried flake of skin from the scalp.

Updated: I discovered the skin/scalp condition that I was suffering from and was able to treat my scalp issue with a few applications of the lotion.

Here are some shampoos that I tried. They are not too bad, but did not resolve my dandruff and hair issue totally. But, if you have mild dandruff issues, or the beginning of this problem, this solutions would definitely work for you. Other wise, do read on and check out where you can have your scalp issue solutions for oily hair scalp, thinning hair, hair loss issue and dandruff.

selsun hair care for dandruff
to use on scalp one or twice a week only, can be very dry on the scalp.

To purchase direct from Amway, you can sign up for their distributor package or contact me to find out more.

This shampoo can help reduce itchiness on the scalp

I always believe that the best always unfolds for me. As I continue my search for the right kind of shampoo and hair tonic to help my scalp issue, I bumped into a meet up with a long time friend whom I have not met for a while. She used to have thinning and hair drop issue. I remembered that she went to Yunnan Hair Care then and the solutions they offered did not really helped her. However, during our meeting, I could see that her hair is in great condition, even after so many years.

She recommended me to the hair place that she frequents. She paid S$40 per session for about an hour hair scalp care. So, I asked her where it was and went there the following week, in seek of regaining my healthy scalp back. I signed up for the S$36 per session package for 10 times. Good thing, I chopped off my hair before visiting them.

Manage the scalp in style while you relax and play with your phone for an hour.

You can call them or book for their session online in any of the outlets near you. Their pricing is based on the length of your hair, starting from S$34 for men and S$36 for women all the way to S$70 per session is your hair length is beyond your backside. So, if you want to take advantage of their 10 times or 6 times package, cut your hair shorter to minimise your spending.

If all else fail, be confident enough to shave bald and give your scalp some breathing space to recover.

Beauty is in the eyes, of the beholder.

Prevent the agony process that I tolerated due to the scalp condition that I had, if only I knew about this treatment.