Dunsaybojio is a Singlish phrase that means “Don’t Say I Never Tell You” (often abbreviated as “Dun Say Bo Jio”), which is commonly used in Singapore or Malaysia to share interesting or insider information with others.

Here’s a playful approach to dunsaybojio, what do you think?

Brand Identity for

1. Brand Name and Tagline:

  • Brand Name:
  • Tagline: “Discover the Scoop, Share the Fun!”

note that this is different from my current tagline as we write about it today.

2. Logo: The logo could incorporate elements that play on the idea of sharing secrets or insider information. Consider using a speech bubble with a surprise element, like an exclamation mark, inside it. This portrays the idea of someone sharing exciting news or knowledge.

3. Color Palette: Opt for a vibrant and attention-grabbing color scheme to evoke curiosity and excitement. A combination of bold colors like electric blue, energetic red, and playful yellow can work well.

4. Typography: Choose a font that’s friendly and casual, reflecting the informal nature of sharing fun discoveries. A slightly rounded sans-serif font can convey this sense of approachability.

5. Imagery: Utilize imagery that portrays surprise, excitement, and sharing. Pictures of people expressing delight, sharing stories, or having lighthearted conversations can resonate with the brand’s message.

6. Website Design: Design the website with a dynamic layout that encourages users to explore and share content. Implement interactive elements like pop-ups or animations that emphasize the element of surprise.

7. Brand Voice and Tone: Adopt a cheerful and conversational tone, as if the brand is sharing exciting news with a friend. Use humor and relatable language to engage users.

8. Social Media Presence: Create a strong social media presence by sharing quirky and surprising content that resonates with your audience. Encourage user-generated content where users can share their own exciting discoveries.

9. Slogan and Messaging: Develop a catchy slogan that captures the essence of sharing exciting news. For instance: “Sharing the Scoop, Spreading the Joy!”

10. Brand Values: Highlight values such as curiosity, spontaneity, and fostering connections. Emphasize that the platform is a hub for sharing interesting and delightful tidbits with friends and the wider community.

Remember that your brand identity should be consistent across all channels to create a memorable and relatable brand experience. The goal is to make users feel like they’re in on a secret or part of an exclusive community where they can share and discover exciting information.

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