Food Delivery Services

I must say I am pretty impressed with the better services provided by foodpanda. The app and delivery service used to be 3 stars and have recently improved and personally, i feel their service is as good, if not better than grab delivery service.

Grab and foodpanda are two companies who have been benefitting and enjoying growth and expansion, since the pandemic.

Food Vendors

Many food vendors and shop had no choice, but to move to online platforms, in order to bring the income in and ensure that their food are sold if not sold out. Now, food delivery platforms like grab, foodpanda and deliveroo have managed to grasps this opportunity.

Food Delivery Staff

In fact, these delivery suppliers have grew the working population. People of all ages, races and gender can simply sign up to be their delivery staff.

Though hard work and lots of physical movements required, many have jumped onto this bandwagons that provide good employment for many , regardless of the pandemic situation. The hard earned money is decent, and if one is hardworking, can earn up to S$3K to S$4K per month.

Cost to Consumer for Convenience Offered

And though these online delivery services company offer the best alternative for remote ordering and clearing of food for food vendors, who if not, would have to suffer a much more wounded income, the companies charge the vendors and consumers a fee, in order to provide this convenient service.

I mean sometimes, if I cater in my transport fee, it is quite worth the while to pay some difference to benefit the convenience and hassle free service. And moreover, I get to have more time to do other stuff.

Fees & Convenience

In fact, some vendors hike up their unit prices in order to cover the fees, passing on the charges to the paying consumers.

Consumers being able to enjoy the convenience of not travelling to purchase food and receiving their orders piping hot, while they enjoy the comfort of their home or office, bears the costs,

Hence, sometimes it is quite interesting to check on different food delivery service company and see the differences in prices for the same food ordered.

Good Enhanced Service

Oh ya, this post was triggered by the good service that food panda has given. I ordered three packets of laksa and rojak, few days ago and experienced delayed order. It was about 3.45 pm and I was ok with the delay as I ordered the food for dinner. When the food arrived, I noticed that the rojak sauce spilled and messed up my laksa packs.

Though it was not a big deal, I took a picture and sent it to the cs for feedback, hoping that the future packaging would improve. So, I was surprised when I received a response from them that they regretted this incident and would give me 100% refund on my order!

Of course this would be paid by the food vendor, but it is a good feedback loop for them to pack their items properly, in order to prevent spillage when transported by the grab delivery service guys/gals.

Repeat Customers due to Good CS Provided

Yes, I was so pleasantly surprised. And of course, the following day, I ordered from them again and double the quantity ordered as I had this positive experience with them.

So, their good customer service gained them repeated customers again. For the platform as well as the food provider, as I do enjoy the laksa and rojak a lot.

I am not sure if I am biased due to the good service I received from foodpanda or not. But, I realised that foodpanda platform service fees seems to be lower than grab’s these days!

What are your thoughts on the foodpanda, grab or deliveroo service provider in your area?

Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2021 to you!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021! May you enjoy good health, excellent well being, happy home and relationships and prosperous manifestation! Huattt ahhh!! Huattt ah!!

2020 has been a special year that all of us will remember for ever. It has been a year filled with unique trials and experiences. Regardless of all the changes and restrictions imposed upon us on 2020, we must admit that it has been a year where we really focus on what really matters to us, our life, our health and our happiness. Thank you 2020! Thank you covid-19! Thank you frontliners! Thank you governments! Thank you fellow citizens and friends who have been keeping each other safe, amidst the chaos we saw in 2020!

So, what is your resolutions for 2021? Will you be re-cycling your resolutions from 2020?

Will you be focusing more on health and happiness? Or will you be focusing on building your wealth this year? Or will you be focusing on education and upgrading of your skills and knowledge? Whatever, it may be, we wish you all the best and may you enjoy every moments of your journey in this wonderful 2021!

Be Healthy and Happy!

2021 is the year for you! A year to be healthy and happy. Re-discover how you can start your year by enhancing on your overall well-being.

Be Prosperous!

Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Find out how you can make some minor changes to your bedroom to enhance your health, happiness and prosperity!




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SEO Online Marketing

Internet Marketing Strategies for Online Business

Every successful business needs marketing strategies for a long term sustainability and growth. It is even more critical for new businesses.
Internet Marketing Strategies

There are 3 main internet marketing strategies for good online business. These are important marketing strategies that all online business should adopt and apply. They are mainly:

1) Branding
2) Content for conversion
3) SEO/SEM for traffic


Branding is important to differentiate yourself, your company and your products and services. Good branding will help your audience understand your uniqueness and how your products and services can address their needs and wants.

Personal Branding

Personal branding which is how you brand yourself as an entrepreneur. Everyone is unique. Your audience needs to know what is so unique and special about you. They need to be able to relate to who you are as a person and what are your special traits and skills that would encourage them do business and maintain a long term business relationship with you.

Company Branding

Company branding is the foundation of your branding. Your mission statement and your company branding would help your audience understand your company’s unique standing in your industry.

Products/Services Branding

Your company branding is closely supported by the premium and special products or services that your company offers. It is important for you to brand your products/services to allow your audience to understand your products/services and why they should be getting the products/services from you instead of your competition.


Content can come in many different forms. Content can be in blog, post, page, banner, video, article, email, sms, wats aps, tweets, forums and many more. Content for business is usually to illustrate to your audience about your company, brand, products/services.

Content for Conversion

Content for conversion or your offer, products and services. It is even more critical for online business to have powerful content that can speak to your audience. Your content must be able to illustrate information about your products and services to your audience.


Powerful content or good copywriting is needed to intrique audience’s interests in your topic and eventually to trigger them to follow up with a follow-up action. Good copywriting content can help you generate targeted leads or to generate sales for your business.


The 3rd strategies is SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing), which are methods that allow you to create and drive traffic to your online marketing platforms for your business.