The SEO Book

The SEO Book on SEO Online Marketing with SEO Diva where you do not need to be tech savvy to dominated your niche, shows you how you can use SEO or search engine optimization strategies and skills to be found on the first page of google and youtube with this organic ranking.

Rank your website, video or any other marketing material online with SEO techniques.

The 3 basic but very important element of SEO

  1. Keywords
  2. Content
  3. Backlinks


Identify your keyword for your  business, product or services. What are the keywords that customers would most probably type onto google or other search engine to look for you?


Content was King! Content is still King!  However, content today has changed slightly.  Many marketers have moved to video content.  However, you can still apply the same principal of SEO  onto videos or other marketing materials,  They eventually fall onto the 3 basic elements which are keywords, content and backlinks.

However, good copywriting would make or break your online conversion or sale.  So other than good SEO content, make sure your content is compelling for conversion.


And of course the backlinks or off page SEO helps you to rank better online.  The more relevant websites or marketing platforms that recommend your content or media, the better is your ranking position.

SEO is creating content with your keywords and backlinks on a regular, consistent and relevant manner.

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