The Internet Marketing Diva

The Internet Marketing Diva also known as SEO Diva, uses SEO skills technique to rank businesses on google and youtube.

The non-techy SEO Diva shows you how to rank your business on google and youtube and social media platforms using SEO, SEM and SMM internet marketing strategies and techniques.

Internet Marketing

There are 3.5 billion google searches daily online, how do you ensure that your website or marketing materials can be found online.  How can you offer your products and services when you cannot be found online?

SEO Online Marketing

SEO search engine optimization online marketing is one of the many online marketing strategies to help your website or online marketing material be found on search engine when customers search for your products online.

SEM Online Marketing

SEM or search engine marketing is a method where you can place your website above search engine results page using paid advertisement on search engines like google or bing and yahoo paid marketing.

Social Media Marketing

SMM or social medial marketing where you use social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linked-in, instagram and other social media to feature your products and services online.  Sharing of posts and our marketing media through social media marketing helps you increase the visibilities and audience outreach in today’s society.  Paid social media marketing allow targeted audience for your marketing media and messages.

Internet Marketing Diva or SEO Diva uses SEO, SEM and SMM to market your products and services to ensure that your audience finds your website or marketing media when they search for your products and services online.

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