Health, Education, Marriage and Money

Money buys you peace of mind. In Singapore, being sick and nursing oneself back to wellness in hospitals is the luxury for the rich. So, it is essential for one to keep and collect as much money as possible while you are still healthy and able. Alternatively, one can evoke and adopt self-healing ability, which is already in built in many of us.  This self-healing ability is part of the miracle we were born with, which was openly and disgracefully robbed from us by the society and community that we are in today.


I never liked doctors or hospitals.  I used to see doctors when I was much younger, simply to get the medical certification to stay home and rest when I was sick.  After my “awakening” of consciousness’ of being spiritual and living a human experience, I started to despise manipulative doctors and hospitals that use stipulated processes that they used for diagnosis, placing unnecessary high billed hours and procedures for a mere condition.  This can be resolved when one can re-embrace and remember the ability to self-heal.


That is why even with such awareness, I continue to encourage people I know to protect themselves with insurance, in case the needs arise.  I know it is contradicting as I feel strongly that buying insurance that dissipated and disappear in the air when not used, like hospital insurance or life and illnesses insurances that do not assure any monetary returns but offers imaginary peace of mind, in case you fall terminally ill one day.  Will the insurance money even be able to cover you when that happen, is another question for another day.


Wedding in Singapore is also another materialistic event, where the bride and groom splurged for the event of their life, inviting everyone they know, expecting the presence of the invitee plus payment to celebrate the beginning of their life together.  In fact, it is not cheap to be invited, so if you are popular among your single friends, brace yourself for summons of S$110 to S$300 that you need to pay, if you really wish to continue to be friends with no awkwardness, after their wedding.  Here is the list that was published by yahoo on the rates  Who says there are no price tags to friendship? By the way, do you get any refunds with interest if your friends do get divorce in the future?


Another money sucking industry is the education systems, after secondary school.  The education systems should be paying you for your time spent with them, instead, polys and universities are charging tens of thousands of dollars to mandate you to 3-4 years of your lifetime for a paper certificate, that may or may not get you employed or even happy at work.

The society has mandate so many wrong preconceptions on healthcare, education and marriage.  What do you think?