Astrology and Feng Shui for 2021

Are you curious to know what is in store for you for 2021? Do you believe in astrology and feng shui? What about some simple planning of what to place in your house.

How about learning how to do minor changes or moves within the home or office and see what huge transformation it can give you in order for you to receive great overall well being, enhancing your health, love and luck with prosperity.

Indoor Fengshui

Plants promotes air-purifying energies as they produce and emit oxygen and take in carbon dioxide for its growth. Having indoor plants can boost up the air inside your home and brighten up that lonely corner.

But, what if in addition to that, it also adds in the luck and fortune to enhance your health and prosperity. It is double happiness indeed.

So, what are the best feng shui plants that you can grow indoor to boost up that beautiful energy in your home or office.

Plants are living things and are always changing and growing, which can boost action taking in your life. Plants bring in the wood elements in the house, helping to create vibrancy of good energies.

Fengshui Plants

  1. The Money Plant – well-rooted vibrancy and brings in money, harmony and good luck
  2. The Orchid Plant – brings in energies of purity, perfection and graceful beauty
  3. The Bamboo Plant – brings good luck and fortune
  4. The Snake Plant – brings in strong protective energies and luck
  5. The Sage Plant – reduces negative energies and brings in positive energies
  6. The Peace Lily Plant – brings in good luck and fortune
  7. The Lime or Citrus Plant – brings in good luck and abundance
  8. The Golden Patros – emits resilience, abundance and growth
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Horoscope and feng shui

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