You Lazy Ass – Perspective Re-Defined

“You Lazy Ass!”

A frown could be seen on the face of the receipient!  You see, lazy has always had a negative connotation to it.

If you are called lazy, it is bad news!  So embarrassing! So bad!  But, is being lazy that bad? 

Lazy is when you are NOT INSPIRED to do the thing that you are SOCIALLY CONDITIONED TO DO … like …

You must ….

… Study

 … Work

… Tidy Up

… Work

And if you do not, you are labelled the lazy bum bum ass!

So, are you a lazy ass?  If you are, it is time for you to re-define what you need to do!  Re-discover your inspiration!

Do you know that…

Lazy Is …

Lazy is when you are in the state of mind of denying doing the work that you are not inspired to do.

Let’s take an example of a boy, a lazy boy?

You see, a boy can be lazy when asked to do his homework but would turn into a hardworking and smart lad, when playing online games.  So, who has the right to say he is lazy, when he is hardworking and smart when he is online or with his friends, doing the things he love.

Sure! You want your boy to study hard and smart so that he can lead a good life later.  That’s your perspective, not his!  

What if he can play hard and smart and still have a good life ahead?  Seriously, Why not?

“Cannot one!”, you say!  But, based on whose perspective?

Yours?  Sure, you have tasted more salt than him, that also means you have failed more times than him, so, does failing more, makes you more right or more wrong?

So, if your boy is lazy to do what you ask him to do, just let him be!

Re-define and Re-Discover Your Inspiration, You Lazy Ass!

There is going to be a time when he wakes up to his inspiration!  It may seems like eternity to you, but not to him, coz when the time comes, you will rejoice with the space for change that you allow him to be.

So, if you feel lazy, allow yourself the luxury of space for a change too. Maybe, it is time to re-define and re-discover your inspiration, your life!