The 7 Steps to Affiliate Marketing

If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to know where to start or if you have been trying to make money online and fail, or are not happy with the results of your work, you are at the right place.  Here, I will narrow down the 7 steps that you need to take to your affiliate marketing journey.

In affiliate marketing, the secret is not to day dream on the Ferrari and beautiful island after pressing a few magic affiliate marketing buttons.

The secret to affiliate marketing is to start, and consistently pump in contents, contents, and new and interesting contents onto your site.

There are some free online affiliate marketing course that you can use to start your online marketing journey.

Some of these sites offer free affiliate marketing training and a place for you to create your own websites.  You can still earn money using these free platforms and tools. It may take a longer time, but you will learn the necessary skills to get good at affiliate marketing.

And once you are comfortable with that, you may consider premium membership where you can get more training and create your own websites. Some just start with premium membership.  Well, if you are serious and have the money, make full use of it.

Getting every thing you need to start your journey is important.

Here are some straightforward steps to get you the results in your affiliate marketing journey. Some of the tools or links shared here may cost you money though.

Step 1 :Pick Your Niche

Step 2: Getting your domain and web hosting.

Step 3: Building Your Own Website

Step 4 : Getting Traffic to Your Website

Step 5: Keyword Research for Your Website

Step 6: Finding Affiliate Programs for Your Website

Step 7: How To Promote Affiliate Products & Make Money