The 5 Benefits of Sarcasm & Its Consequences When Not Used Correctly

Do you have friends who could easily cheer you up with their sarcastic and witty responses and comments ?

I have a few of them in my clique of contacts. Friends like this can really bring a smile to many. They have the right mix of humour and truth in their snappy remarks, gaining attention and respect from many.

So, I read Jake Rossen’s article featured in msn, on The 5 Benefits of Sarcasm, According to Science with interest.  In the article, he mentioned these benefits and quoted some relevant examples that:

5 Benefits of Sarcasm are:

  1. Sarcasm and humor might make you appear more confident, particularly at work.
  2. Sarcasm can improve creativity.
  3. Sarcasm can make criticism seem almost pleasant.
  4. Sarcasm can make for better social bonding.
  5. Sarcasm might make you appear more intelligent.

You see, not everyone can bring out the positive sides and humour with sarcastic remarks and responses.

People who could really pull of sarcasm in a light, humorous and positive manner are most times, witty and fun to be with.  But, what are the risks behind their witty sarcasm?

I salute my witty friends who often have classy, snappy comebacks that make me feel me feel pepped up and more cheerful on the day spent with them.  

Is wittiness a nature or nurture factor?

In life, it does not matter if you are not witty or have no snappy comebacks.  But, it is always a good skill to own, don’t you agree?

Many of us do not seem to have the flair of humour and wittiness.  So, I suspect it is mainly nature vs nurture. Nevertheless, you are free to debate this. 

Personally, I believe one needs to have a deep-rooted ancestry skills of humour, to share this positive vibes of cheering up the audience and lightening tensed situation.  This can only be achieved through harmless and non-hurtful and “non-tripod way” (not sucking up to the audience).

The Risks

One should always consider the environment and the feelings of the audience before using sarcasm in a social gathering. As you see, witty sarcasm can reap high benefits to the recipients and a social gathering or even relationships, but when NOT used correctly, it could also risks hurting and depressing the ambience.

Gratitude to Your Witty Friend Who Put A Smile On Your Face One Time or Another

If you know of any friends who had taken the risks to plant a smile on your face and cheer you up with positive snappy comeback of sarcastic remarks, send them your gratitude, share this article with them.