SEO Youtube Marketing

SEO Youtube Marketing is basically using SEO search engine optimization to rank your video on the first page of YouTube and Google Search Engine.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is about making your video or marketing media search engine friendly so that customers can easily find your video or marketing media when they key in the keyword to search for your products and services on the search engine platforms.

SEO will help you rank your video on the search results page of Youtube and Google when customers search for your products and services online.

SEO Youtube Video

Create a compelling video for your online marketing to increase customer conversion.  SEO will help your customers find you easily online with the organic search engine optimization method.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization for Youtube Video is pretty similar to SEO for website, but easier as it has lesser things that you need to look out for.

  1. Video Title
  2. Video Description
  3. Video Tags

Make sure that your keywords are properly placed on the above area on Youtube Video Upload.

Backlinks for SEO YouTube Video

Remember to create quality backlinks to your video url through sharing your video url on the appropriate website, articles, forums and social media platforms or embed them on your marketing platforms.

SEO Youtube Channel

It is also important for you to include your main keywords in your Youtube Channel description.

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