Losing Weight with Hula Hoop Fitness

Hula hooping is a good fun way to start exercising.

Hula hoop fitness can be carried out while watching your favourite tv show. All you need is a hoop and a little bit of room to move that hip of yours.

Hula hooping exercise comes with many benefits.  This fitness, helps you:

  1. Burn body fats and reduce those unwanted inches on your body
  2. Train your abdominal, hips, thigh, buttocks and calves muscles
  3. Boost cardiovascular, boosting oxygen flow in your body, improving your heart and lungs health  

How to Choose a Good Hula Hoop

Size and weight matters for you to fully benefit and have fun with this form of exercise.  A larger but lighter hoop helps you with better balancing and slower pace for beginners.   Getting the right balance and move helps you with improving your balance.

As you become better in your balancing the hoop, you can consider a heavier or weighted hoop to enhance the benefits of each move.

Hula hooping balancing helps your body moves the right way, while benefiting from the cardiovascular fitness.  You can spread your workout for 2-3x of ten minutes hula hooping throughout the day.

How to Hula Hoop

It is normal for the hula hoop to drop, just continue by picking up to start again.

To begin, it is important to get your form and position correctly for you to move well in the hoop.

  1. Your back has to be straight, feet have to be positioned correctly, with one foot slightly in front of the other.
  2. Place the hoop around your waist or slightly higher than your waist, resting against the back, while you hold both sides of the hoop.
  3. When you are ready to start, use the front foot to give you the strength to push, while the back of the back foot helps maintain your balance.
  4. When your right foot is at the front, swing the hoop to the right to start. Move your waist in a circular motion to keep the hoop moving around your waist.
  5. When your left foot is at the front, swing the hoop to the left to start.
  6. Push your hips forward and backwards, in a circular clock wise or anti clock wise position, allowing the hoop to move across your stomach.

Start Hula Hooping Now

Hula hoop is an easy, inexpensive fitness that you can do anywhere and anytime.  It helps you burn calories and body fats and improve your health in a fun and easy way.