CNY Ang Bao Rates 2021

How much should be the CNY(Chinese New Year) ang bao rates for 2021? If you are married and wondering how much ang bao should you be giving to your relatives and friends, you are on the right page.

I have been giving CNY ang bao for the last 22 years. Once you are married, you are expected to give ang bao to relatives and friends.

There are so many categories and rates, they can be confusing even for a pro like me.

Memorable CNY Ang Bao Incidents

I remember my close aunt came to inform me that I gave an empty ang bao to my younger cousin. It was an embarassing incident, but i was pretty glad that my aunt informed me about it, knowing that I did not do it on purpose.

My younger cousin who is in their 30’s and single, insisted on not receiving ang bao from me.

I remember when I was newly married, an older distant cousin of my spouse asked for me for ang bao, which I refused to give as she was older than us. I stick to my own rules, so do not try to intimidate me with your seniority.

OK, let’s do a check on the CNY ang bao rates and who you should be giving to.

My Personal Ang Bao Rules

My personal rules is simple. If you are not married and younger than me, you get an ang bao. If you are above 70 years old, you also get an ang bao from me.

Friends who are not married, unless we are super close, you do not get one from me.

Ang Bao Rates for 2021

How much you give a person in the ang bao represents how close they are to you. The closer they are to you, the higher their ang bao.

  • Parents $200 to $1000
  • Senior Aunts and Uncles $50 to $200
  • Siblings $50 to $100
  • Own Kids $50 to $200
  • Nieces and Nephews $10 to $100
  • Friends’ Kids $5 to $20
  • Friends’ Maids $5 to $10

What is the significance of giving ang bao during CNY?

A ang bao is a gift of money packed into a red packet. Red is considered a symbol of luck, prosperity and happiness. It is a symbol of good wishes given by married couples during the first 15 days of Lunar Chinese New Year.

These days, ang bao also comes in gold, orange or pink coloured packet. Bosses, married or not, also sometimes give ang bao to their employees and staff.