8 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy

1. Think Positive & Focus on Gratitude

To be happy and healthy is a choice.  Your intention to live happy and healthy life is a choice you can make.  Set your intention right from the start.  So, make your choice.

You can wake up, feeling positive and grateful for another day ahead or you can wake up feeling grouchy and grumpy.  Make it a good habit to start your day in a pleasant, positive feeling.  Waking up everyday, and starting your day with gratitude and positivity sets a good foundation for your day ahead.

Think Positive & Focus on Gratitude

2. Eat Your Vegetables

While having a positive and strong mind is important to staying healthy and happy, taking care of your physical body is also important way to keeping yourself healthy.

Eat your vegetables, they are good source of nutrients and fiber for your body.

3. Exercise Daily

Move a little, stretch a little.  It is healthy to have simple exercise regimen to keep your body fit and agile. 

Yoga is also a form of exercise that you can take up.  It stretches all parts of your body that requires the stretching.

4. Get Enough Sleep

To stay alert and fit, one needs to make sure that enough rest and relaxation is put aside to re-charge the physical body.  Your body needs some time to rest and recuperate for the day.  Based on research, 8 hours a day sleep is ideal.  But, if you are not able to squeeze 8 hours for sleep, good rest for the body and mind is good too.

Make sure the hours of your rest is sufficient for your body.  Get to know your body and the messages sent through your body sensations.

5. Consume Food Over Supplement

There are many good supplements out there, however, it is difficult for one to differentiate what is good and what is not, with all the different ingredients or preservatives and processed on supplements. 

So, the best source to build your body and energy is pure food like vegetables, fruits, meat and other nutritional herbs and food.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Our body is made up of 70% of water, so drink a lot of water to flush out any toxic in the body.  Two liters of water is ideal to prevent dehydration, for the day.  However, you may need to adjust by increasing the amount if you have more physical activities for the day.

7. Smile, Laugh, Be Happy

This is simple yet powerful.  Being positive and feeling happy boost up the energy and good well being of a person. 

So, smile whenever you have the chance and spread that smile along to those you meet.  Smile is simple and free, yet so powerful.  A smile or laughter can really brighten up a person’s day and spirit.

8. Get some “ME” time or Meditate

Take some time to go away from the craziness and business of all the activities.  Chill and relax.  Do daily meditation to release negative tensions or emotions in the body, mind and soul. 

Start with a ten-minutes daily meditation, and increase them to 30 minutes or an hour if you are busy.  Yes, you heard us right.  The more activities you have for the day, the more “ME” time would be good for you.