What is SEO and How Does It Work

So, what is SEO and how does it work?  SEO is short for search engine optimization, which is making your website google and customer friendly.  Friendly enough for google to display your website to customers searching for your keywords online.

What I would usually tell my kids, if you want to find out something, just go and google it.  Mr Google is the King of all search engines.

What is SEO

So, let’s check with google.  Let’s google “what is SEO”.  Here is the result that I got.  Uh huh!

what is seo
what is seo

“SEO is short for search engine optimization.  Digital is now the company’s main marketing channel, with the majority of investment going into SEO”

No wonder everyone is looking for the best SEO courses! And every marketing company is pumping in their marketing dollars and resources into SEO services.

How does it work?

So, how does SEO work?  SEO or Search engine optimization is about creating relevant and frequent content for our online marketing platform, be it your website, facebook page or even youtube channel.

what is seo
what is seo?

SEO is about relevant keywords links back to your online marketing platforms.  It has to be done consistently.

Learn, apply and make it work!  But, remember, SEO is a long term commitment. Ready to take action?

So, who am I?

My name is Judy. SEO Diva is my online acclaimed name.

Top 3 reasons why SEO Diva and why learn from SEO Diva

  1.  I have managed to RANK and OUTRANK many keywords using SEO, within a short period of time using white hat seo, which also means the legal method that does not require backlinks spamming .
  2. I would like to impress onto you that I am NOT a techy person.  In fact, I am technically challenged.
    Yes, sure, I can create and design websites, I am good at SEO but when it comes to using and updating the latest software for my phone, I am pretty much lost.  I usually get my kids or spouse to book a grab or uber car for promo code booking, or to get them to change certain settings on my phone or labtop for me.
  3. For a technically challenged person it took me less than a week to do up this website, and within a short period of time RANK many keywords.
what is SEO
What is SEO search engine optimization

What is the layman term for SEO?

SEO is all about making your site search engine friendly.  This will allow google or other search engines to display your site when people search for your business “keyword”.

Many gurus and coaches will tell you that:

  1. “Content is King” – Regular updates of relevant content
  2. “Referal of other relevant websites to your website” – Backlinks to relevant or authority sites to show search engine that other sites are giving your website a thumbs up for those business keywords.

Gurus and coaches charge at least 2 to 3 thousand dollars for 1 or 2 days SEO Courses.  Sure, most of the gurus and coaches have lots of experience and certifications in SEO, but can you, as the student absorb the 1-2 days information shared and apply them to help you rank and earn money online?

Learn SEO for free from Google or Youtube 

Or you can learn SEO for free from Google and Youtube.  All you need is to just google or search youtube for best SEO online marketing course or DIY SEO Marketing Course to find useful information that are available on SEO.  Many of them are free and you can choose to learn whenever you have the time.

Like many of you, I sometimes search for video tutorials on you tube and I must admit many of them share very good information.  So, if you are short of money and still want to learn how to master SEO, I highly suggest that you go and learn from the many great tutorials there.

Information Overloaded, Too Much Info Online

However, based on my own experience, if you do not know where to start, too much information is going to be overwhelming.  I was indeed lost in the web for many years before I discover this DIY Online Marketing Course that helps me master this SEO skills today.

How to be ONE of the BEST

How to outrank the billions of websites who have started their SEO works long before you?

So, HOW DO YOU OUTRANK the billions of websites out there.  They have been there much much earlier than you.  They have been populating their websites with relevant content with their business keywords.

Now, Let’s learn from SEO Diva and team

Today, I emerged from the sea of internet to share with you the best SEO that allows me to claim my SEO Diva position today.

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Learning SEO will help you rank your keywords on google and youtube, creating traffic or visitors to your online business platform.

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Understanding your customers and the market will allow you to design strategic marketing plans that would eventually convert your visitors into paying customers for your online business.

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