The Hard Truth Entrepreneur

His Hard Truth Gets Him in The Limelight Most Times, He Ranks His Videos in YouTube.

He got into a challenging situation because of what and how he shared his thoughts!  If you want to rank your own video like he does, read on and find out more.

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The Imperfect Hard Truth Marketer

He sounded confident and spoke with passion, and at times, cocky and full of pride. He said he doesn’t give a damn what the other party thinks, but, whether he knows it or not, he really does.

His English is not perfect, so are his presentations. He has pissed off a few people, and was recently in the limelight because of one of his raw and hard truth video.

He might come off as a show off, but truth be told, he is one of the nicest marketer and online entrepreneur, with whom you would enjoy working with. I know I do!

Took Up High Priced Internet Marketing Courses and Still Have Not Earned Back Your Money?

I know of many, like you and I, who have paid and sat through high ticket courses, by big names, and still have not made our own 1st million or some even their first thousands nor hundreds. Truth be told, reality bites!

Blame the Gurus?

Regardless of what you and I think, all these gurus, coaches, mentors, marketers or what other names you call them. Through easy or hard knocks of their own, they have rightfully earned their keeps, to be able to earn the name of success in their own rights and fields.

Of course, there again, value is perceived. All which are taught and shared are definitely of value to some, if not to all. Like I always say, my primary school teacher was the best, but not all of us came up top in class, otherwise who claim the loose change of the bottom half.

Eventually, when we do not get value out of something we willingly paid for, especially after a great free preview, there’s no one to blame, but ourselves. Agree? No, blame the gurus? If you do, attempt it with grace, but be prepared to be sued!

Different Strokes for Different Folks!

Different people learn and excel differently. High ticket courses are not, not awesome in content, but like any other courses or events, not everyone is able to digest all the 2-3 days fully packed info and then easily transform the valuable information shared into money churning machine immediately.

Maybe, the method, the teacher, the teaching material, the motivation factor or even the timing may not be right. Maybe, one lacks inspiration or self determination and discipline to succeed. Who knows, who cares? You should, if you want to succeed!

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And… hard truth be told, whether you sign up or not, he does not “care”!
Coz he only cares, when he knows that you are going to take the action to make the change in your life!

The Egoistic Guy Who Stripped Off Ego In Style!

Back to him, he picked himself up and succeed in what he does within a short span of time, because he knows and he cares, because he is inspired and determined too. Though he may just shoot what comes to mind, many who knows him can attest for his kindness and willingness to share his learnings and knowledge.

Mind you, he is far from perfect, in fact not all of his methods might come out right. But, then, whose would? Sure, he might not be as experienced or as “old bird” as many out there, but people only care about how much you know, when they know how much you care. Yes?

Many successful entrepreneurs and online marketers, openly acknowledge him as their mentor and shifu though outsiders view him as raw and new. I must tell you, he has quite a bit of skills and info up his sleeves that he is always willing to reveal and share.

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Internet Marketing Community

What most people like and respect about him, is not the skill or the amount of money he has earned, but his openness in showing what he really is, his willingness to help and share. His flaws, his imperfections shows in many ways, but his passion and feel for people who want to succeed in Internet marketing makes him the shining armor hero to some. His drive, vision and passion, his casual dressing, his light-hearted LOL responses, makes him rooted to the ground, to ride with you in your own online journey you claim.

And you know a person who is willing to strip off all ego to go on Fb live, when the time requires him to

, is definitely a person whom you would be proud to call your friend whom you could journey with, in one of your ventures.

Who knows… Maybe his raw, “proud” and direct nature may irks me in certain way in the future, or maybe not, but for now, I do enjoy this online journey with him, like many do.

What is most important in your online journey is, YOU have to take the first action to see the results!!

So, what’s next for you?  Only you knows… when you take the first step to make the change!

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The Hard Truth Entrepreneur is also the person who started the internet marketing community called the I-Success Group who have helped built and  mentor a number of successful entrepreneurs and online marketers.